by John Fairbairn

This is an online (but strictly copyrighted) draft version of my treatment of the ancient Chinese go classic Xuanxuan Qijing. A large portion of the work represents a fairly conventional translation, but in a sense it is a translation of a non-existent book. To adapt Lao Zi: The book that can be translated is not the true book!

As described in more detail in my Introduction, the Xuanxuan Qijing exists in many different (and often very different) versions. What I have done is to compile all the various versions into one large compendium. In addition, I have provided commentaries on the text, explanations of the problem names, extra solutions, a bibliography, various indexes, and some essays on related subjects. Even more relevant material is on the GoGoD CD.

The contents list below follows only roughly the structure of the oldest version of the original. This structure is quite peculiar at times, and so I have altered it somewhat, as well as adding my own sections. Except for my own Introduction, the original text (translated) or diagrams will generally be found on the left, with my notes in a white box.

The various parts will not be posted in strict order, but as and when I feel disposed. As my offline work has largely been done already, this may not take too long. Dotted items are those meant to have links. The red ones are those that are already live, in part or in full (though some deeper links there may not yet be activated). As this is a draft, even existing parts are likely to be further edited. Unicode fonts are assumed for Chinese characters but not all the characters in the old text exist in Unicode and so images are sometimes used.

MODERN INTRODUCTION    by John Fairbairn







  • Game index



  • General (including English names)
  • Character names
    • Kangxi/Nelson order
    • Unicode order
  • Chinese names
  • Japanese names
  • Korean names
  • Themes
  • Bibliography


© John Fairbairn, London 2007.