Mirror go - Game 2

Yamabe Toshiro (<i>Nihon Ki-in</i>) Fujisawa Hosai (<i>Nihon Ki-in</i>) This is Part 2 of the tale of the momentous mirror-go encounters between Fujisawa Hosai and his nemesis in this style of play, Yamabe Toshiro. The previous item, #74, gives a commentary on the first encounter in 1972. Since the beginning in this game mirrors that of the 1972 game, you may find it useful to refresh your understanding of that game before reading the commentary here.

This game was part of the 13th Old Meijin League in March 1974, so that komi was 5 points here. This was the league won by Ishida Yoshio on his way to becoming the third player player in history to hold the two crowns of the Honinbo and Meijin simultaneously. Yamabe, left, and Fujisawa, right, finished third and fourth respectively.

White: Fujisawa Hosai 9-dan
Black: Yamabe Toshiro 9-dan
Komi: 5


Up to move 30 this game is identical with the first one. Yamabe played the cut at 31 and its follow-up sequence in the first game, too, but a little later. There he cut at A first. Evidently he decided that the order of moves here was better.


In the first game, Yamabe also handled the timing of the 39-42 exchanges differently, and he extended to A instead of pushing on at 49. Fujisawa broke the symmetry by pushing on at B.

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